About Us


Connectech aims


· to establish, maintain, manage, promote and develop as an organization to provide information technology services and products such as research, digital literacy and safety trainings, technology management solutions, and all other relevant types of support to the organizations and individuals such as professionals in the global workforce, students and academicians, media professionals, Government bodies, and non-profits, for empowering them to incorporate digital technologies and other research-based solutions in their personal and professional endeavors effectively, ethically and securely;

· to promote digital literacy through the development of relevant resources, networks and engaging all related stakeholders in debates and discussions around technology and cutting-edge solutions for improving human development;

· to actively engage with educational institutions and Government to bridge the gap between the policy makers and academia to empower a well-structured policy around modern technologies and other solutions and their contribution to human development and environmental sustainability;

· to strive towards community development and the creation of an enabling physical and digital environment for the citizens by exploring the best possible means for incorporation of modern technology and other solutions into their day to day lives;

· to formulate, institute, establish and execute such other schemes for the welfare of the beneficiaries as the Managing Partners, Board Members and Advisors may be empowered to do under the Rules.

The Team

Faheem Zafar, Director



Furhan Hussain, Director




Faheem Zafar


Faheem Zafar is a development professional, digital and holistic safety trainer and a researcher based in Pakistan. With an experience of working on media policy, freedom of expression and assembly related research and managing multiple projects on different development issues especially digital literacy and safety in Asia region.

With more than seven years of experience of developing and managing digital and holistic security programs for HRDs and media professionals, Faheem's experience enabled him to get the relevant experience important to effectively manage safety trainings programs for journalists, media professionals and civil society organizations. 

To date, as a holistic security professional, Faheem has delivered and managed more than 100 trainings in Asia region.

 Faheem worked with journalists, HRDs, bloggers, students, teachers, media professionals and CSOs, delivered and managed 1-day awareness sessions to all the way up to 5-day residential security trainings. I have also designed, managed and conducted trainings of trainers (TOT) in Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand. 

Faheem also worked on developing training curriculum for media professionals and CSOs. Faheem collaborated with Tactical Technology Collective, IREX, APC, Forum Asia, Digital Defenders, PEN International and Front Line Defenders to manage different projects in the past.


Furhan Hussain

Furhan Hussain is a Pakistan based researcher,  communications  professional, and trainer. He started his career with a specialization  in business studies and worked his way towards mainstream human rights  research and advocacy halfway through his journey. Over the last seven  years, he has conducted numerous internet rights, digital security, and  holistic safety trainings for journalists, social justice workers, and  civil society organisations across Asia. 

Furhan has contributed to number of research projects with local and international organizations on digital safety, hate speech and freedom of expression online. Furhan collaborated with Tactical Technology Collective, IREX, APC, Forum Asia, Digital Defenders, PEN International and Front Line Defenders to manage different projects in the past.